Healing Cold Sores Naturally


As is Murphy's Law I woke up one morning with a whopping big cold sore, smack bang in the centre of my top lip. OUCH! It just so happened to be the night I was booked to talk to a group of ladies about how to best manage stress. Obviously I hadn't been listening to my own advice!


But, the good news... I have discovered an amazing formula for reducing this very untimely occurrence. We all know they never appear when you have a weekend with nothing planned!!! But now I have a secret weapon for knocking them down, before and after their arrival.


Because I am so excited about my new discovery I couldn't keep it to myself. For all my cold sore friends out there, I know how much you dislike these little buggers and how much you will want this information. It is too good not to share!


As we all know the key is 'prevention'. Where possible we want to reduce the common triggers such as emotional stress, bumps to the area, sunshine, and infections such as common colds. But if that was so simple you wouldn't be reading this article.


What I have found, after trying EVERYTHING, is that a combination of treatments is required. Going to war against this guy requires some serious war tactics.


The first place I start is using a balm on your lips that protects it from the elements and also provides antiviral and healing properties. This has been a game changer for me. Instead of getting multiple cold sores a year, I am lucky (or should I say unlucky) if I get one. So what is this magic balm? Its a balm made of calendula and kawakawa that comes with all the medicinal properties to combat the herpes virus. It is also great for eczema, dermatitis, dry skin and lips, mozzie bites; the list goes on... Incredible stuff. You can buy online or find at some markets, you can even make it yourself. I have recently made a batch from my home-grown organic calendulas and the Kaimai's Wairere Falls track  has kindly donated me some kawakawa. If you want some yell out  ($20 a pottle).


If you do get that tingle, or if like me, they just arrive unannounced like a bad guest then this is the best part of the story. Here are the simple steps to knock it out really fast:


1. Take 500 to 1000mg of Lysine a day. Lysine stops the virus from replicating.


2. For a time avoid arginine foods. Arginine does the opposite of Lysine and helps the virus multiply. Arginine foods include: chocolate (damm-it!), most nuts and seeds, spirulina, wheat and oats.


Drum roll please......................... this is what has made all the difference for me


3. Apply peppermint essential oil every 30-60 minutes to the cold sore. Apply straight with a cotton bud. This stopped my cold sore in its tracks. Why have I not been told about this trick before?? Instead of a massive fluid-filled-monster developing I managed to get away with a only small little sore and no fluid. It also healed up in a couple of days rather then my usual 7-10 days. GOLD!


Once the blister stage has passed, apply the kawakawa and calendula balm again, to speed up the healing process.


Slam the door on that bad guest!!!







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