These new workshops are designed for you to take back control of your health and well-being.

By clearly understanding your uniqueness and true individuality, you will learn what is necessary to attain your optimal health. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and have developed these workshops to give you the power back! 

You’ll be empowered to solve your own health puzzle. I absolutely love doing these workshops and get such a buzz when people get their ‘light bulb moment’. 

The current workshops available are: 

Healthy Metabolism

Designed for you to start again and rethink everything you have ever been taught about health and weight loss.

What I have learnt over years of working with many clients whom struggle to lose weight is that no diet in the world will work if you have a toxic metabolism. What we are doing is clearly not working- we need a different plan, one that addresses the true reasons for our reduced metabolism. 

This program although radical is actually, extremely simple to implement. However, these simple strategies can produce radical results!

I will teach you everything you need to recharge the three active metabolic tissues- brown adipose tissue, muscle tissue and gut microbiome. What’s even more exciting is by implementing these changes you will also be improving all aspects of health. 

This course is for anyone who has an interested in staying metabolically active, whatever your sex or age. Be prepared for a 3-hour workshop that will have your brain bursting from the seams! 

The workshop will contain:

- The 5 key rules to recharge your metabolism

- A detailed handout for you to take home with all the

  key points of the workshop

- A four-day detox plan

- Recipes to help reboot your metabolism

- Additional to the 3 hours will be time for Q&A for those interested

- Lots of Vinka tangents and pearls of wisdom

Next available workshop:


5pm 24 February 2021


Cost: $99 


Healthy Moods

Take charge of your emotions with this 4 step programme

If you ever feel depressed, anxious, or stressed, you are not alone. Adult rates of depression and anxiety have tripled since 1990. Even our children are in trouble, with more than one in ten experiencing some form of mood disorder. What hasn’t been clear is the why. In this course I am proposing that much of our increasing emotional distress stems from easily correctable malfunctions in our brain and body chemistry. Malfunctions that are caused by critical and unmet nutritional needs. You may be shocked to realise that by correcting these deficiencies you can see improvements in as little as 24 hours!

No one should have to live with a distorted mood on a regular basis. When your brains’ emotional equipment needs a tune-up there are often clues, you don’t sleep well, you worry too much, you start feeling overwhelmed, lose your enthusiasm or ability to concentrate. You might also start depending on chocolate, wine or obsessive online shopping. 

If you have experienced these kinds of symptoms frequently, you may have come to accept them, assuming them simply to be unfortunate features of your personality. But chances are you are wrong. I want this course to be an opportunity to for you to discover your true emotional nature. Feeling positive, energised and happy is your right.

This 3-hour workshop will cover the following topics:

- Uncovering the primary cause of your “false” mood

- Eliminating the four most common mood imbalances

- Learning natural alternatives to anti-depressants

- Understanding the nutrients, amino acids and
 supplements that will target your mood issues

- Learning the mood foods to incorporate into your diet.

Next available workshop:


Coming soon.


"If you have the opportunity to do this workshop - don’t miss out!! It is excellent!!

We have been well looked after by a pragmatic, down-to-earth, honest and fun, learned- yet easily understood and relatable woman who has happily shared her journey as we have begun ours. This journey being on the constant (for some) or new (for others) path to a better understanding of our bodies, hormones, digestive and chemical balances across the stages of our lives. We’ve also been able to use a fantastic meal plan, great recipes and grocery list to aid the process. Great value, great connections and information. 

Thank you so much Vinka!!"

– Liz Atherton, Matamata

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