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I want to help as many
people as I can feel good!

About Vinka

BBS, DipNutSci, CertHSc, CNA Registered

My interest in health began when I was but 10 years old. I could often be caught buried deep in a book bigger than me studying the properties of herbs and plants for health, harping “Did you know…!!” (a phrase my hubby knows all too well).

As I went through life this interest quickly turned into a desire to understand how to grow nutrient dense foods that revolved around the art of soil health and science. After a spell in the corporate world, and a few years travelling the world, I was blessed with a great hubby and my two beautiful children, Cooper and Mira. It was at this point I had an epiphany; I realised that my true passion was nutritional science. So, with the support of my family I went back to study, reignited a true passion and I’ve never looked back!

The human body is so incredible, fascinating, and unbelievably complex. I’m such a geek! It has me constantly hooked on learning all about its awesomeness. At any spare moment, I can be found researching and reading about new developments in my field. It’s limitless, and that’s what I love about it.

My years of training and thirst for knowledge has seen me work under several renowned specialists in genetics, nutrigenomics, blood chemistry analysis as well as many hormone specialists. This extra knowledge has allowed me to gain something of a “super-sleuth’ power of medical detective which I unleash for my clients. I feel absolutely blessed to be in a job that I absolutely love doing and especially love sharing with others.

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"Quite simply, I found Vinka to be a shining light when I was in a very dark place... I found her to be tenacious and thorough, clearly an expert in her field. 

I am deeply grateful for Vinka's help and wisdom. Vinka you're a life saver!"


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Get in touch, we’d love to have a chat. Let us help you create healthy lifestyle habits to last a lifetime.

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