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Cu-Di-Mint Salad

This beautiful lunch was so quick to make and unbelievably tasty. More importantly it stimulates your bile. For those of you who don't know what the big deal is about bile, then let me tell you what you have been missing!!

Bile has the important role of breaking down our fats. It also plays a big role in hormonal balance, and toxin elimination. If you are over 40, then chances are you have pretty crappy bile. When bile is not working well we can gain weight, lack energy, have hormonal issues, develop digestive problems (especially constipation) and the list goes on.

To keep bile happy we need to do a few things. One is eat lots of bitter foods - in EVERY meal. To get you started try this salad which has three bitter ingredients- cucumber, dill and mint. YUM!

Simply mix together:

1 chopped cucumber - seeds removed to lower lectins

1 tsp each of chopped fresh or dried basil and dill

1 tbsp of pinenuts (or any seeds you have handy)

S&P for taste

1 tbsp hemp seed oil

50 grams of ricotta (see my recipe on website to make your own). If you dont have ricotta you could use Greek yoghurt or cottage cheese


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