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Garlic Silverbeet Mash

Since I seem to be divulging family secrets (*see my last post on Leafyridge Extra Virgin Olive Oils*), I thought why not go one better and share a recipe of Mum’s that also happens to be one of Tata’s all-time favourite side dishes.

This is fabulous and goes with anything.

INGREDIENTS 1 bunch of silverbeet (you could sub spinach or kale) 1 bulb of garlic (yes, a whole bulb) 4 large potatoes 1C (or more) of good quality extra virgin olive oil

INSTRUCTIONS 1. In a pot, boil your potatoes with 2 smashed cloves of garlic, in some salted water. 2. Peel the rest of the garlic cloves and crush them onto a plate. (A job I love to pass on to the kids!) 3. Add EVOO into a pan and put on a low heat. Cook the crushed garlic slowly, until it just takes on a yellow/ golden colour. Take off the heat and immediately set aside. 4. Cut silverbeet and put in a pan or pot with a little water to steam and wilt (when I am feeling extra lazy, I have been known to just add it to the boiling water with the potatoes). 5. When the potatoes are boiled; drain and mash with the silverbeet and garlic oil, adding more oil if required.


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