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Stuffed Peppers

I am looking forward to these babies coming out of the oven mmm. A Croatian inspired dish that my mum has been making for many years.

I have winged the recipe so hopefully it is pretty similar to mother-hubbards one :-)

Ingredients Green peppers (or any colour you have) 500 grams mince 1 cup cooked rice 3 onions, chopped 5 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1 tbsp Tamari soy sauce 2 tbsp olive oil 2 tsp worcestershire sauce (seriously who made that word up??) 1/4C veggie or chicken stock (optional) 2 tbsp tomato sauce (homemade preferably, or Simon Gaults veggie based tomato sauce) 2 C chopped tomatoes or 2 cans of tinned tomatoes Salt and pepper

Instructions 1. In a big dish cook 2 onions in olive oil until soft. Add garlic and cook for further minute. Add chopped tomatoes, S & P, and cook until soft. Add stock in here if you have some and cook until reduced slightly. Otherwise just add a dash of water. Remove from the heat. 2. In a fry pan with dash of olive oil cook remaining onion until soft. Add in mince and cook until brown. Then add in soy sauce, worcestershire, and tomato sauce. If you are feeling not so virtuous you can add half a packet of onion soup to the mince too. 3. Mix mince and rice together 4. Take the tops of capsicums and remove seeds. Stuff with mince and rice mix. Place in large dish with tomato mix. Drizzle tomato mix over top. 5. Bake for 30-40 mins at Bake 180C or until capsicums are soft).


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