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Zucchini Cannelloni with Ricotta & Spinach

Wow. Just wow. I am blown away at how tasty this number is and wonder why the hell I haven't made this before! So much healthier than the pasta version. I also got to use the ricotta I made this morning. Happy days!!


2 large zucchini, sliced lengthwise with mandolin (or use a peeler)

350g ricotta (see recipe I posted earlier today)

1/2C chopped herbs- mix of parsley and mint

1 cup of wilted greens (I used mix of chard, spinach and beet leaves but can use what ever you have available)

2 eggs

Zest from 1 lemon


Jar of Tomato Passata or Tomato Soup (see tip below).

1. Make the ricotta mix by mixing ricotta, S&P, herbs, greens, lemon zest and eggs.

2. Use zucchini slices to wrap around big dollops of ricotta mix. Place in oven proof dish.

3. Place tomato passata in dish around zucchini cannelloni.

4. Sprinkle with parmesan or mozzarella (or both).

5. Bake 180C for 20-30 minutes

Tips: To make your own passata simply fry some onions and garlic and when soft add 2 cans of tomatoes into pot. Cook until reduced. Add herbs for extra boost. S&P it and you have your own sauce in minutes. Easy!

Enjoy. This dish is bloody amazing!!!


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