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Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

Apple cider vinegar with "the mother" has many health benefits and it is simple to make at home with some organic apple scraps. One of ACV’s valuable roles is in preventing heartburn and aiding digestion. In most cases heartburn is actually caused by too little stomach acid which slows down digestion. ACV can increase stomach acid and as a result help the body digest food.

Here's how you can make it….

Ingredients • Organic apple scraps- cores and peels. If cant find organic, wash well • 2 tbsp raw sugar • 2 cups boiled and cooled water

Instructions 1. Clean a 1 litre jar very well and let air dry. 2. Fill the jar ¾ full with apple scraps. 3. Dissolve the sugar into the cups of water. 4. Pour sugar water over the apples until they are completely submerged. Add a little additional water if needed to make sure the apples are covered. 5. Weigh down the apples with a fermentation weight or with the small glass jar. Any apples that are exposed to the air could grow mould. 6. Cover with cheese cloth and secure with the rubber band. 7. Store in a dark place at room temperature. I put mine in a kitchen cupboard. 8. Leave it for approximately 3 weeks. Check on it every few days to make sure the apples are staying under the water and to make sure no mould is growing. 9. After 3 weeks, it will still smell fairly sweet. Strain the apples pieces out and return the liquid to the jar. 10. Recover and put the jar back in a dark spot for another 3-4 weeks, stirring every few days. 11. When the ACV has reached the "tartness" you like you can put a lid on it or transfer it to a different jar with a lid and start using it.


• This recipe is for a one litre size jar of apple cider vinegar. If you are making a larger jar, just make sure your apple scraps fill the jar ¾ of the way and are covered with sugar water. Use one tablespoon of sugar for one cup of water. Don’t worry about the sugar content as will get eaten up in the fermentation process.

• When the ACV is finished you can save "the mother" that has floated to the top or just a small quantity of the finished ACV to start a new batch that will ferment more quickly.


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