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Fermented Feijoa Fizzy Drink

My friend Gina shared this recipe with me and I love her just a little bit more for doing so. OMG its so delicious and healthy. It is full of beneficial bacteria for our gut and very low in sugar. In my last post I advised against diet soda drinks, so I thought I had better give you a replacement!

Instructions. 1. Fill a 1 litre jar with feijoa skins (a good excuse for me to eat 10 feijoas in one sitting!) 2. Add 1 tbsp of sugar 3. Fill jar to top with water, ensure all feijoa skins are under the water level 4. Place lid loosely on top. Let sit for 3 days. 5. On day 3 remove feijoa skins and add 1 tbsp more sugar to the remaining liquid. Place lid tightly on jar and let sit for one more day. This last stage will make it all fizzy. 6. Next, pour into glass with some ice and slurp back! mmm.

Note: Don't worry about the sugar, it is used to feed the feijoas for fermenting so the remaining sugar content is very low.

I am going to try this with lemons next. I am sure this could work with other fruit options too.

Oh and the fussiest kids in the world even love it. They are demanding a second batch be made instantly!


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