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Seaweed chips

These are my all time favourite snack. You can eat them on their own or add toppings. They also freeze really well and can be eaten straight from the freezer. Only problem is my daughter loves them as much as me so I have to get to them before her!


nori sheets- as many as you want.

olive oil

fine sea salt


  1. Oil the nori sheets. The easiest and fastest way to grease the entire seaweed sheets is using a glove on one hand. (Of course you can use your bare hand if you don’t mind it becoming very greasy). Dab a little bit of oil with one finger and rub it with other fingers to spread all over on your hand. Gently rub on the seaweed sheet with your oiled hand to spread a very thin coat of oil. You don’t want too much oil on the seaweed. (Apply the oil to only one side of the seaweed, not to both sides)

  2. Sprinkle a pinch of salt over the oiled seaweed. Repeat for all nori sheets and stack as you go.

  3. Heat the skillet over medium heat until hot. I used a pancake griddle

  4. Using tongs, pick up 2 sheets of seaweed at a time and lay them on the hot skillet. Within a second, it will shrink and toast the surface. The color of the seaweed will turn slightly green. Flip to the other side and continue to toast. It should only take between 3- 5 seconds on each side. Adjust the heat level accordingly if the seaweed toasts too fast or too slow.

  5. Once cool, cut into rectangle shapes. I get 6 rectangles per nori sheet.



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