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Homemade Gremolata

Someone needs to isolate me from my pantry!!! 😂😂

On the plus side what better time to help provide everyone with tasty recipes that you can make from home while in isolation. To start I will be making this beautiful gremolata. Homemade gremolata is full of flavour and amazing for the liver and immune system. So Yum!

For those of you who have parsley about to go to seed or who have access to parsley then making this quick easy recipe is the perfect way to keep a good supply on hand over next few months.

Ingredients 3 large handfuls of parley Rind of 2 lemons Pinch or salt 6 cloves of garlic (load that baby up!) 3 tbsp olive oil

Instructions 1. Blend in food processor or with stick blender 2. Place in ice cubes and freeze.

I use this in lots of different recipes. Tonight I am placing on my osso buco (shin bones). Or you could add on steak, use as dressing in salads, or even just mix with feta and add with tomatoes. The list goes on!


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