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Veggie Crepes

Better than going out for breakfast is whipping up this little number. One of my besties stayed the night last night and entertained my kids for hours playing puzzles. I owed her a good breakfast! Thanks Belinda Foster :-) So yummy, hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Ingredients 2C spinach, chopped 1/4C buckwheat groats 2-4 tomatoes, chopped 1C mushrooms, chopped 1 capsicum, chopped 1/4C chopped parsley small handful shaved parmesan 4 eggs 3 tbsp pumpkin seeds 1 tbsp butter or ghee

1. In fry pan wilt spinach in 1 tbsp of water. Remove spinach and set aside. 2. Add butter to fry pan and then add capsicum, buckwheat and mushrooms. Cook until veggies are tender. Add tomatoes and cook for a further minute. Set aside. 3. Beat 2 eggs in bowl. 4. Add butter to fry pan and then add the eggs. Spread egg over the base of pan. Cook like a pancake/crepe and flip when one side is cooked. Remove and place on plate. Repeat with the next two eggs. 5. To assemble place wilted spinach on egg crepe, followed by veggie and buckwheat mix. Top with parmesan, parsley and pumpkin seeds. 6. Season and you are good to go. I added some kelp powder - a great way to add some saltiness to the dish and give us a dose of iodine that most of us lack in our diet.


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